Choosing A DUI Lawyer

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer? If so, you might be in need of a defense lawyer. They are hired when people need someone to represent themselves in the court in a DUI case. If you think it was a wrongful arrest, you have the right to hire a DUI lawyer. But before you go this route, you may want to know a few things. Read on to find out.

DUI Case is Not Easy

First of all, you should keep in mind that defending a Driving Under the Influence crime is not child’s play. The law enforcement agencies try their level best to punish the maximum number of DUIU offenders. Therefore, it’s important that you opt for an experienced DUI lawyer for your defense. The lawyer should be able to kick off his defense with a strong argument. Remember: you must take a start with something you are completely sure of, and it must be legit because your defense will revolve around it. You will have a greater chance of winning the case if you have a good lawyer on your side.

What Your Lawyer Should Do

Aside from this, you should make sure your lawyer is not going to prove that you were barely above the limit. This is because it won’t work in the court as the judge won’t take such argument seriously. Moreover, to prove you guilty, breathalyzer is one of the main tools that the law enforcement agencies will use. He shouldn’t refer to this tool as an “instrument”. His job should be to prove that the breathalyzer is not as accurate as they think. On the other hand, he should convince the jury that the breathalyzer is not 100% reliable.

Don’t Blame The Officers

In addition, make sure your lawyer won’t blame the officer who arrested you. They shouldn’t be attacked in the court as blaming or accusing them will be pointless. Doing so will only raise doubt or suspicions in the court. Instead, your lawyer should act wisely and question the procedures that were followed so far. Police officers are humans and they may make mistakes. The breathalyzer may give inaccurate reading if the person burps at the time of the test.

Your Lawyer’s Goal

The goal of the lawyer should be to convince the jury that the tests are not reliable and shouldn’t be trusted. This can only happen if you choose the best DUI lawyer. Aggression won’t work in your favor in the court. The lawyer should use facts and figures to build up a solid defense.

In short, if you want to make sure you have good lawyer on your side, you may want to follow the tips given in this article. The biggest mistake you can make is to choose an inexperienced lawyer. Always try your level best to go for the best professional. This way you can face the other lawyer in the court and come out of the court as innocent.

Duties Of A Criminal Defence Attorney

A criminal defence attorney is one whom you will hire when you are involved in a criminal case of any sort, irrespective of the intensity level of the incident. He represents your case in the court, analyses your case with the help of his resources, conducts a thorough investigation, examines cross-witnesses presented by the prosecution lawyers and ensures that you get a fair hearing. Due to his skilful presentation, your punishment gets reduced to a large extent. Here are some of the main duties of a criminal defence attorney.

1. Confidentiality

If you are a criminal defence attorney, one of your first duties is to maintain the confidentiality of your clients. When you clients trust you and tell you all the details of the case and the crime that they have committed, you need to keep track of all the details and present them judiciously in the court, only if it is required. Remaining dedicated to your client (even if he is guilty) is very important. You should use data collected from your clients very carefully to use it for gathering facts about the case so that you can represent your case with utmost professionalism.

2. Honesty

You have, to be honest with your client regarding the severity of the crime that he has committed. Never make tall claims on how you would be able to pull them out of the case easily and how you can influence the court to reduce your client’s jail sentence or penalty charges. It is always important to inform your clients about the reality of the case, even if they are involved in a crisis. This way, you can keep them prepared about the facts of the case, investigations, possible consequences of the case and other related information. You should also prepare your clients for cross -examinations and how to answer queries from prosecutions in a confident way so that they have a higher chance of getting reduced punishment.

3. Defending the case with utmost dedication

As a criminal defence attorney, your main job is to defend your client’s case with utmost dedication and professionalism. You should try negotiations, plea bargains, settlements and all other kinds of strategies that may be suitable to ensure that your client comes out the case free or with reduced penalty. When you have taken up this case, you should give your undivided attention to this case and spend all your energies here. Never try to juggle between cases if you want to do full justice to the trust that your client has in you.

A criminal defence attorney is a sheer blessing for you when you are involved in any criminal case, with or without any fault of yours. Therefore, it is important for you to choose your lawyer carefully. Choose an expert who has enough experience in this field and who has dealt with a lot of criminal cases previously. Read through enough reviews so that you choose a lawyer who enjoys good reputation and credibility in the industry. Your attorney should have an excellent success rate so that he can identify all the legal loopholes in your case and ensure that you get the fairest treatment in your case.